• Intro caves

    Ateliers Drevelle wanted to develop and produce a range of boxes that look like them. Each box is numbered and tells its own story ...

  • Intro caves2

    Each cigar lover builds a unique relationship with the cigar. Favorite modules, occasions and frequencies of consumption, aesthetic environment are all parameters that we wish to take into account to realize your humidor, which doesn’t resemble any other.
    A unique piece.

  • Cube frene vert

    Collection ’KUB’
    Ash tree burr, ebony from Gabon and palm tree for the external finish.
    Interior in natural wood.

  • Perle

    Drevelle Collection ’FANG’
    Wenge, ebony and palm tree decor.
    Internal settings are made of massive mahogany.

  • Puzzle

    Drevelle Collection ’PUZZLE’
    Wooden wenge set.
    For indépendant storage of 3, 4 or 5 différent modules.

  • Slivers

    Cigar humidor with ash and chestnut.
    Collection of ’’Le Domaine des Etangs’’.

  • Large orange humidor

    Wenge humidor and mosaic of precious wood species.
    It has 3 drawers on its front and a box on the top