• cabinet maker and cigar aficionado

    Be it an excellent cigar, a great Cognac, a rare piece of furnitures: all afford pleasure to the senses, and all are the result of patience and talent.

  • Internal biotope

    Cigars smoked in Cuba are an unforgettable aromatic experience due to temperature, level of humidity, no brusque change of environment from production to consumption.
    We try to ensure that our humidors offer the same constant environment and can thus give of their best.

  • one cedro and some mahoganies

    As does the oak cask for wine, the humidor must store cigars but must also enhance them.
    Only one kind of cedar, and some mahoganies meet our selection criteria today.

  • natural finish

    No varnish, only natural wood is found inside our humidors.
    This deliberate choice seems to us a perfect fit with the inherent values of a cigar.

  • Massive wood

    The presence of solid wood naturally increases the humidifying qualities of our humidors.
    It reduces the effects of sudden changes in humidity and preserves the aroma of the cigars.