• trunk

    This desk-trunk conciliates a strong opening impact with innovative storage ergonomy.

  • Trunk2

    The internal equipment of this deck-trunk was conceived and built at the workshop.

  • Trailer1

    Service trolley in a set of 4 pieces.

  • Trailer 2

    Lemon-tree wood, macassar, ebony, sycamore, rosewood, pear-tree wood.

  • Gift

    This company gift comes as a unique piece.

  • Gift2

    Massive oak was used for the object’s base whereas thin layers of the same wood where molded together to create the upper curved support.

  • Jarre à cigares

    Cigar jar.
    Steel, wengé, palm-tree wood.

  • aedor

    The casket’s shape directly derives from the flask lines.

  • Flask

    Study inspired by the world of Cognac.

  • Bnic

    As an alternative to wood textures, this casket’s orange lacquer contrasts with a small polished ebony handle.

  • Ashtray

    Ash tray, wood and metal.