• Key dates

    1971 : Join the workshop "Drevelle et Daubray".
    1983 : Master Craftsman.
    1985 : Official Assessor to the court in furniture.
    1992 : Attended the Marquetry Perfection course at the "Ecole Boulle".

  • Vocation

    1994 : Creation of Les Ateliers Drevelle
    1996 : Title of Master Artisan of Art.
    2007 : Member of Les Grands Ateliers de France
    2009 : Labeling ’Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’

  • Tradition

    "The watercolors drawn in 1926 and left by my grandfather Albert Daubray, are at the origin of my vocation"

  • Restoration

    "The restoration of exceptional pieces by Chevalier, Leleu, Boudin, Nicolas Petit or Jacob makes us necessarily demanding of our creations today."

  • Creation

    "Luxury houses are asking me for prospective design projects.
    I strive to make my perspective as an artisan always relevant and contemporary."

  • Values and philosophy

    "I like the object to tell me a story of time, travel, distant origins, precious moments ..."